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Incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel faces yet another ban from the airwaves after his latest effort has reportedly been banned from playing on radio….

On Wednesday (July 25,2012), a new track from Kartel and PG13 singer, Gaza Slim debuted online, to the delight of their listeners. The single, entitled Reparation speaks about the ongoing scamming controversies that have taken place in Jamaica during recent months; most notably, the infamous Lotto scam which has triggered a number of arrests including that of Montego Bay’s deputy mayor, Michael Troupe.

However, lyrics from Reparation seemingly suggest that there’s nothing wrong with scamming; insisting that the practice bares no harm as long as any profit obtained doesn’t go towards sparking violence.

In Reparation, Kartel deejays lines such as, “Big up every scammer, weh mek U.S. dollar/ Build up the house fi yuh mama/ Western Union people fi gi wi more honor,” “Who seh di scammer dem wrong?/ No/ Hungry, poverty, that more wronger/ Better dem dweet than tek up the bomber/ Memba the youth dem nah squeeze trigger/ A just true dem a nigger” and “Mi just warn the youth dem, nuh rob Jamaica/ Doan buy gun fi kill man/ Foreign exchange is good fi the country/ Franklin USA, Sterling England.”

Gaza Slim follows suit in the chorus, singing, “As long as dem nah buy nuh gun, nah support nuh war/ Big up the man dem star from near and far/ Dem call it scam, mi call it reparation / Every ghetto yute is a star, suh dem waan live like one.”

Taking exception to the song’s lyrical content, reports have suggested that the Broadcasting Commission have banned Reparation from the airwaves just days after its emergence. Additionally, a popular disc jock was reportedly suspended for playing the song on radio given that it contained material not fit for airplay.

Reacting to controversy surrounding Reparation, Gaza Slim remained unapologetic, stating that Jamaica has more to worry about that scamming.

“Jamaica have more problem right now dan lotto scamming that the Government need to sort out. I do music not scamming, and I think that I have the right to do songs about any topic. I am just biggin up the youths who are hustling to make money without shooting and killing anyone. Them jus ban the song because they can, don’t? As weh Worl Boss (Vybz Kartel) say inna di book, a society shouldn’t prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable,” Gaza Slim told the Jamaica STAR.

Fan reaction on YouTube and social media has been mixed regarding Reparation with some music lovers suggesting that Kartel’s latest effort does not encourage young people to scam while others believe that the Jamaican Government is once again using the controversial deejay as a scapegoat.

Vybz Kartel has had material banned from radio before as previous efforts such as Ramping Shop, Last Man Standing and Get Wild suffered similar fates. Additionally, the internationally acclaimed deejay had been banned off airwaves in New York and Guyana due to the lyrical content associated with his material.


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