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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Roger Clarke, says that the picture being circulated of him ‘daggerin’ a young lady at a recent meeting was nothing to be taken seriously.
The minister in an interview with THE STAR yesterday said that he was quite aware of the circulation of the picture and that he and the lady were merely having fun.
He further said that he was just enjoying himself with the People’s National Party (PNP) supporter.
Social media have been abuzz since Sunday, following the hilarious posting of the photograph that was taken at a recently held PNP meeting at the Port Antonio High School, Portland.
The photograph shows the minister tipping on his toes with the woman bent forward in the popular daggerin position.
Since the photo surfaced, at least one 17-second animation set to the sounds of dancehall music has followed on YouTube, while comments are being posted on Twitter and Facebook.
While some persons have expressed their disapproval of the photograph, others have expressed acceptance over the minister’s dance move.
“Can we stop circulating the Roger Clarke pic please? The image is seared in my memory already, thanks in advance,” expressed one user on Twitter.
Another one tweeted, “That Roger Clarke nightmare still making the rounds, I see. Yup, that pic is the epitome of the Monday feeling.”
On Facebook, a user commented, “Uno lef di man alone. People need to enjoy themselves. Jamaicans have their five and six-year-old girls dancing to some of the same songs on stages in public.”
Another Facebook user commented, “Enjoy youself yah Roger, not a thing wrong with having a little fun. It has nothing to do with the country.”

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